Government ELECTION Interference Confirmed By State Department

State Dept Confirms There Were

State Dept Confirms There Were “Direct Attempts” by Foreign Government in Key Election

( – The idea of election interference has occupied ample space in the American imagination since the presidential vote in 2020. Though no concrete evidence of large-scale fraud in that election has ever been presented, interference has been a genuine issue in various other races. An unlikely entity may have impacted one race in the recent midterm elections.

Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA) recently won a fifth term in the House of Representatives, comfortably triumphing over her rival. However, she did so despite a campaign against her by the government of El Salvador, with President Nayib Bukele taking the leading role.

Torres has been an outspoken critic of Bukele, accusing him of being more concerned with his own image than the welfare of his people.

Bukele responded with fierce criticism of Torres during the midterm election season, with other Salvadoran officials joining in.

The State Department recently confirmed that the Salvadoran officials’ conduct constituted an attempt to influence the election, which the US government views as unacceptable.

Do you think interference of this nature by foreign government officials constitutes a serious threat to our democratic processes in the United States?

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