Hasan Minhaj Admits to Making Up Stories about Discrimination

(IntegrityPress.org) – If you happen to be aware of comedian Hasan Minhaj’s standup routine, you should probably also be aware that the leftist celebrity was recently exposed as a fraud.

Like many comics, the dark-skinned son of Muslim-Indian immigrants incorporated bits and pieces from his own life into his shows and it now appears that the entertainer with a net worth of $4 million built a career based on false claims of racism.

The level to which Minhaj perpetuated his fraud may be up for debate, but the fact that he engaged in on-camera fabrications is not. He has admitted as much. After being faced with a fact-checking reporter at the New Yorker who had begun peeling back the layers of his life, the Netflix headliner was forced to concede that a large chunk of his material was either made up or embellished.

Once he was found out, the political commentator referred to his repeated falsehoods as “emotional” instances of honesty and that they had been constructed from an initial “seed of truth.” The former Daily Show correspondent told the magazine that “factual truth” takes a backseat to “emotional truth” during his gigs.

Most conservatives likely view his long list of allegations as ranging from mundane to abhorrent. He once claimed that an anonymous stateside racist mailed his family a letter. After opening the piece of mail, white powder spilled out onto his daughter. Fearing they were the victims of an anthrax attack, the couple rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

While he maintains his insistence that his family did indeed receive a powder-filled envelope in the mail, he acknowledges that his daughter’s hospital trip never happened and that authorities were never notified.

In another racially-motivated instance, Minhaj claimed to have once witnessed Jared Kushner snag a seat from a Saudi Arabian human rights activist during a 2019 gala. He was forced to admit to a total fabrication on that account.

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