Hawaii Five-0′ Actor Passes Away At 56

(IntegrityPress.org) – Actor Taylor Wily has died at age 56. Wily was known for his roles on beloved TV shows like “Magnum P.I.,” “Hawaii Five-0” and the feature film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Wily was also known for being one of the original UFC fighters and specialized in a variety of martial arts including sumo wrestling.

Wily died on June 20th with his publicist suggesting he died of “natural causes” giving no further elaboration.

He was an instant fan-favorite on “Hawaii Five-0,” portraying Kamekona, a kind local and business owner who’s warm friendly vibe endeared him with viewers. Executive producer for the show, Peter Lenkov, described feeling “devastated” and “heartbroken” in a post on social media. He added that the pair had jokingly suggested creating an actual Kamekona shaved ice stand so Wily could greet customers while not working on films.

Wily began his career doing sumo wrestling before becoming a Hollywood icon and eventually transitioning into MMA with UFC. He was one of the fighters to participate in their first-ever event in Denver, Colorado, in 1993. The idea was to put fighters with different styles into competition with one another and it took off. Unfortunately the bout only lasted 26 seconds before Gerard Gordeau kicked him in the head, knocking him out.

He left the MMA scene after that, and had a small role in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” alongside Jason Segel. After that, he starred in 171 episodes of “Hawaii Five-0” until the show finished in 2020. He also played the same role in the spin off “Magnum P.I.”

Michelle Borth played Catherine Rollins in 60 episodes of Magnum P.I. called Wily “a gentle soul” and said he had an “infectious smile” and “big heart.” She suggested his absence will be missed among all his friends, family and colleagues.

Wily’s wife, Halona, and their two children will continue to share his legacy with the world.

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