High Speed Chase Leads to Drug Bust

(IntegrityPress.org) – United States and Colombian military authorities have announced the seizure of the largest cocaine shipment this year in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Colombia. Military vessels and airplanes tracked and intercepted a fast-moving speedboat which was hauling nearly four tons of the white lady. The street value for that amount of coke is roughly $113 million.

The operation was a collaborative effort between the Colombian Navy, Air Force, and the United States Southern Command. The navy released footage of their pursuit which revealed that the crew of the boat began tossing parcels overboard and taking evasive action.

The chase went on for miles before they were ultimately caught. The crew consisted of a Venezuelan, Honduran, and three Colombians. Officials reported a grand tally of 3,355 kilograms of cocaine, roughly 3.7 tons. The video also showed the collection of the parcels which they laid out on a dock. Hundreds of book-sized packages were displayed.

The navy said the men will be prosecuted by the Attorney General’s Office and the cocaine will “not reach the streets.”

The bust came just days after a similar bust in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A speedboat transporting a little over three tons of cocaine was similarly tracked and intercepted while its crew tossed the drugs overboard. British authorities handled that operation.

Busts off the coast of Colombia are incredibly common. In February, Colombian authorities on a search and rescue mission for missing fishermen ended up locating a semi-submersible vehicle loaded with four tons of cocaine. The navy released a video showing the ship being raided and the contents cataloged. They said they found 4.5 tons of cocaine, which had a street value of $137 million.

Semi-submersibles are boats with low surface profiles preferred by narco-traffickers as they are more difficult to detect visually. Most of the ship is below water, allowing traffickers to conceal their cargo or the presence of a boat from the air.

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