Hypocrisy at Its Finest: Graham Urges Attacks on Iran

(IntegrityPress.org) – Seemingly unaware of his own criticism, Sen. Lindsey Graham simultaneously lamented the numerous wars started during the Biden administration while suggesting Biden hit Iran’s oil infrastructure and kill some of their troops. Graham highlighted that Biden’s tenure has resulted in a new war starting “every year” in an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Wednesday evening, January 31st.

Graham suggested that 2024 was the year that warmongers finally will get their war with Iran. He also suggested the Biden administration hit their oil fields so they feel financial pain. He added that the Iranian regime only understands brute force.

Biden has been pressured by Congressional warhawks like Graham to engage in retaliatory strikes after a suicide drone attack in Jordan resulted in the deaths of three American soldiers and dozens of additional injuries. Iranian-backed militias were credited with the attack, however Iran has denied all involvement.

The Middle East has been a hotbed of violence since Hamas attacked Israel in a stunningly successful surprise attack overnight and into the morning of October 7th. Israeli retaliation in Gaza after declaring war on Hamas has antagonized regional allies. The U.S. military has reported over 150 attacks on U.S. outposts and bases in the area since the war began.

Yemeni Houthis have disrupted shipping to and from Israel and through the Red Sea by launching missiles and suicide drone attacks on commercial vessels they claim are affiliated with Israel.

Graham clarified that he did not want to “invade Iran,” but suggested Biden must “go to the source of the problem.” Graham then elaborated on how Trump was able to intimidate international enemies in a way Biden does not, which is why wars have popped off during his administration.

Graham highlighted that Iran-backed militias, including Hamas, did not start any major wars under Trump. He also pointed out that Russia started its war in Ukraine after Trump (Putin has said publicly Trump was too much of a wildcard), and the disastrous Afghanistan pullout wouldn’t have happened the way it did had Trump been in office.

Critics of striking Iran have suggested the move could further embroil the region in war. Democratic Rep. Mikie Sherrill (NJ) said he was concerned that retaliatory strikes could trigger further regional instability.

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