ICE Detains Illegal Alien after Death of 10 Year Old

( – A 10-year-old American boy is dead after a hit-and-run by an illegal fatally injured the child in Midland, Texas, on February 8. The young man was walking home from school when he was hit and airlifted to emergency medical facilities. He died within 24 hours.

Juan Ortiz Perez AKA Rogelio Ortiz-Olivas, 50, has been detained by ICE as a suspect in the case. He’s been deported five times so far according to officials, highlighting the futility of deporting criminal entrants.

CBS is reporting that Perez’s fingerprints matched with his alias. Midland Police announced charges relating to the hit-and-run, hopefully the man will not escape justice this time.

It’s estimated that 11 million people have criminally entered the United States during President Biden’s term and de facto open-borders policy. The Biden administration prefers to pick and choose which immigration laws it follows, admitting millions under the questionable basis that they are legitimately seeking asylum.

Whistleblowers have reported child-trafficking, including U.S. agencies facilitating the transfer of unaccompanied minor children to known criminals on watchlists.

Texas officials have become fed up with the situation and Gov. Greg Abbott (R) instructed state law enforcement to take over a common crossing near Eagle Pass, Texas, called Shelby Park. Texas Military Department employees then setup razor wire barricades while Texas law enforcement is arresting and detaining illegal immigrants after the passage of a new state law that criminalized illegal entry.

Abbott is claiming success in reducing the number of criminal entrants crossing the border into Texas since taking over the area. The number of people dropped 76% according to CBP data comparing crossings from December 2023 to January 2024. The number dropped from 71,000 to a little over 16,700 after Texas took control of Shelby Park.

Officials point out that while this one area is seeing an improvement, cartels and other organizations are merely switching the location where they cross the border to areas with less scrutiny.

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