Illegal Immigrants Caught Entering Military Base In Disguise

( – Two illegal aliens were caught trying to enter the Quantico Marine Corps base in Virginia on May 3. The men were detained by local law enforcement officers before being handed over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). One of the men is reported to be a Jordanian national who entered the U.S. illegally via the southern border, while the other is allegedly already on the U.S. terror watchlist.

The men are alleged to have posed as Amazon delivery drivers in order to gain access to the site but were soon directed to a holding area by military police when they failed to show proper credentials. According to local reports, the men failed to follow orders and continued to drive past the holding zone. Officers deployed the site’s vehicle barriers to stop them from getting any further into the base and were able to detain them without any injuries. Marine Corps officers cited both men for trespassing before turning them over to ICE.

A Quantico spokesman, Capt. Michael Curtis, told press that the military police officers followed standard procedure in the face of non-compliant entrants to the site and were able to maintain the site’s security. Quantico has since been put on high alert, with an email reportedly sent to all base members warning them to be extra cautious in the wake of the unexplained trespass.

Authorities have released very little information on the two men or what will become of them after being detained by ICE. No information on the men’s plans or motivations has been released, despite requests for information made to authorities by local press.

The alleged trespass has highlighted the difficult task faced by an increasingly overwhelmed Border Patrol in dealing with the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. Over the last three years, Border Patrol has reported 340 encounters with individuals already on the terror watchlist. There have been eight or more incidents in which Border Patrol has accidentally released one such individual, only to have to try to recapture them. It is not clear whether either man accused of trespass has already been in contact with Border Patrol.

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