Illegal Migrants Discovered in Furniture Store

( – A Senegalese man who illegally utilized properties in New York City was recently busted for housing illegal aliens in the makeshift shelters. Ebou Sarr, 47, is a repeat offender and was charging illegal aliens $300/month to stay in his cramped and crowded shelters. One building was a furniture store where he had dozens of illegals packed into the basement.

This is the third time Sarr has been busted for illegally housing non-citizens. Sarr also had illegals staying in the boarded up Old Fordham Library in the Bronx. He told police that the library was “our migrant shelter,” and acknowledged he was responsible. Illegals were also found staying in a cell phone store.

Sarr argues that he’s doing the work that the city has failed to do by housing the mostly African illegals. He did not comment on the hazardous and dangerous conditions in which he was operating, however. He’ll face trespassing charges in court on April 16.

Sarr complained that the building was empty and unused and as such he didn’t see a problem appropriating it for use as housing.

Sarr was allegedly raking in $21,000/month by charging dozens of illegals $300/month to stay in one of the three locations. Officials with the Department of Buildings evicted the men and closed down the locations for being hazardous. Officials cited extremely cramped conditions, lack of proper ventilation, and lack of ownership of the premises as major issues.

Fallou Seye, 29, paid Sarr $600 to stay at one of the locations. He said they were incredibly trying conditions, with 45 people sleeping in a basement. Sarr even forced them to share beds. Seye said there was “no bathroom,” and indicated that they showered at a nearby gym.

Seye said that Sarr only took “donations” in exchange for their stays, and only charged illegals who could afford it. The New York Post article about the bust has pictures that show full sized bunk beds lined up along a wall littered with luggage in a tiny room. The room reportedly stunk like urine, and some of the mattresses were still wrapped.

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