Industry Reels as Biden Admin Unveils New Pollution Rule

( – New strict standards regarding soot pollution will soon be set by the Biden administration. The rule is set to limit the amount of particle matter coming from factory pipes, smokestacks, etc. Public health organizations have praised the finalized rule, which was put together by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as a huge step for improving the health of thousands of Americans. Industry representatives cautioned that there might be potential job losses in manufacturing, with entire factories possibly being shut down.

The rule aims to specifically benefit vulnerable groups like the children and elderly, those with health conditions, and those who live in industrialized areas.

The rule mandates an air quality level for states and counties to achieve in the coming years, targeting pollution from power plants, vehicles, industrial sites, and wildfires. As President Biden is running for re-election, concerns have been raised that a strict standard for soot pollution will affect his chances of winning in states heavy on industrial work. However, administration officials dismissed these worries, saying the states will be able to adapt.

There are no pollution controls on specific industries from the rule but it instead lowers the annual standard for soot to enhance overall air quality. The EPA will know which states are not meeting the new standard through air sampling, and states will have 18 months to make plans for those areas. Penalties may be imposed on states failing to meet the new standard by 2032.

Industry groups and Republican officials dispute this projection, arguing that the new standards set for soot could significantly increase the number of US counties violating the standard, affecting their ability to get permits for industrial development.

The American Forest and Paper Association argued that the rule is impractical and argued that it contradicts Biden’s promises to boosting manufacturing jobs in the US.

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