Iran Continues to Give Startingly Advanced Weaponry to Houthis

( – Reports from various sources indicate that Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) commanders from Iran and also from Lebanon’s Hezbollah are on the ground in Yemen, providing guidance, oversight, and more sophisticated weapons for Houthi‚Äôs to use on their attacks on ships in the Red Sea. These reports, coming from both regional and Iranian sources, suggest an increased Iranian involvement in supporting Houthi activities, including the supply of advanced weaponry such as drones, anti-ship cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. The escalation of weapons supplies reportedly followed the conflict in Gaza that erupted after the October 7 attack on Israel.

The IRGC commanders and advisers are said to be offering expertise, data, and intelligence support as well, mostly to identify ships heading for Israel, assisting the Houthi forces in their targeting of ships in the Red Sea. The US government has previously stated that Iran plays a significant role in planning operations against shipping in the Red Sea, with its intelligence being crucial for Houthi targeting.

In response to these reports, the White House referred to its previous statements on Iran’s support for the Houthis. A spokeperson from the foreign ministry of Iran has consistently denied any involvement in the Red Sea attacks by the Houthis, while Houthi and Hezbollah spokespersons have also denied Iranian or Hezbollah participation.

The Houthi attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea have disrupted global shipping routes between Asia and Europe, leading to US and British airstrikes on Houthi targets. Analysts suggest that Iran’s involvement aligns with its broader strategy of expanding its influence through regional Shiite militias, showcasing its ability to threaten security in international waters. The reported training of Houthi fighters in Iran and the establishment of a command center in Yemen show that the depth of Iranian involvement in the Red Sea attacks, also showing that their support for the terrorist group is much more than surface level.

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