Is 5G Really a Threat?

( – Fifth-generation wireless technology, colloquially known as “5G,” has been deployed worldwide as the latest standard for wireless smart devices, including most modern cell phones. The electromagnetic field (EMF) generated by the devices is of greater concentration, prompting numerous health concerns despite assurances of safety from corporate and government actors.

One of the major concerns regarding the technology is for residents of major urban centers who would be chronically exposed to ultra-high doses of EMF for long periods of time. The non-ionizing radiation has been associated with the development of cancers and other health complications in laboratory experiments.

There are a plethora of concerns and early data that indicate the need for greater scrutiny. Dr Ben Ishai made a video wherein he described experiments that suggested 5G technology can alter the way sweat ducts work in human skin cells.

Dr. Martin Pall has done extensive research into EMF and 5G technology and has repeatedly warned of the dangers. In his research, he demonstrated preliminary evidence that 5G waves cause premature aging, DNA damage, organ and tissue problems, as well as impact a developing fetus. His work focuses on disruption to Voltage-gated calcium channels which are a key component of cellular membranes.

Pall has also shown that the type of pulsed wave EMF radiation emitted by smart meters is much more dangerous than standard EMF. Pall has also warned that a danger of 5G technology is that it allows EMF to penetrate deeper into tissues of the body than previous types of wireless waves.

Mark Steele has made the claim that the technology is actually a weapons system disguised as consumer technology. He claims that 5G operates in the sub-gigahertz range and that devices that broadcast the signal contain dielectric lenses which suggest the waves could be weaponized.

Los Angeles firefighters don’t want the systems deployed near their stations. Many complained about weird symptoms manifesting after 5G towers were installed nearby. The frequencies used by the 5G systems are the same ones used by non-lethal anti-crowd weapons. These devices agitate the water in your skin cells making your entire body feel irritated and inflamed, driving you to vacate the area.

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