Israel Claims Terrorists are Stealing Humanitarian Aid

( – The Israeli military has released drone footage they claim shows Hamas fighters stealing aid intended for the people and mercilessly attacking the men transporting it.

The footage was posted on X (Twitter) by IDF spokesman Avijaa Adraei and it shows men loading a truck with satchels that the Israeli military said were humanitarian aid.

Additional shots show the men beating others on the ground around the truck. The footage shows multiple assaults where the victims are thrown to the ground and pummeled. More footage, allegedly from Gaza, shows men throwing rocks and shouting at trucks supposedly transporting humanitarian supplies. Adraei argued that the footage shows Hamas taking aid for themselves and threatening their own people with violence who resist or complain.

Earlier footage from a post dated December 7th showed a crowd of hundreds waiting outside UNRWA facilities for food supplies. One clip showed supplies that were either left behind or fell off a truck swarmed by residents picking up bottles of water and small satchels from the cache walking away with as much as they could carry.

Unverified footage from inside Gaza allegedly showed Hamas hijacking an aid truck moments after it crossed over from Egypt. As civilians approach the truck, the men fire warning shots to ward them off.

Another viral video shows an elderly woman complaining that Hamas is taking all the food underground and into their houses, leaving nothing for the civilians. She said the aid does not reach the people.

Some hostages were released during a brief ceasefire, but the fighting has resumed with over 19,000 reported casualties among both Israelis and Palestinians. It’s unclear how accurate those numbers are, but the UN has previously suggested the Palestinian Health Ministry is “credible” in its reporting of death figures.

Israel estimates there are still 116 living hostages left in Hamas’ custody after they released more than 100 already.

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