Ivanka Trump Weighs WH Role If Donald’s Elected

(IntegrityPress.org) – Former President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka is reportedly “warming” to the prospect of returning to the White House under her father’s second administration should he win the general election in November against incumbent Joe Biden. Puck is claiming access to a “source familiar with Ivanka’s thinking” on the subject which is being picked up by corporate outlets.

In November 2022, Ivanka Trump released a statement highlighting her priorities as the mother of three kids and a desire to exit the political arena. The period was heightened by post midterm election blues after a predicted red wave only resulted in meager wins for Republicans at the national scale. The Republican victories did allow them to regain control of the House of Representatives with a slim majority.

An anonymous source claiming familiarity with Ivanka’s thinking suggested to Puck writers that she’s contemplating a return and has been thinking about how she can be helpful and advance her father’s campaign. Officially, however, both Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner are focusing on their kids and careers with no intent to return to the political arena.

Some commentators are suggesting the rumors are being circulated to float the concept to measure how Ivanka’s return would be received by the public. The source suggested that the intensity of the campaign and the bombardment of accusations targeting her father were the reasons why she’s reconsidering her previous exit.

In Apri, Ivanka Trump shared an old picture of herself and her father at her college graduation ceremony after Trump’s critics misleadingly suggested he didn’t attend her graduation.

The discussion about whether or not Donald Trump attended Ivanka’s graduation, started after New York Judge Juan Merchan implied he might not let Trump attend his youngest son’s high school graduation. Merchan is infamously requiring Trump to be present for nearly every day of the trial over alleged campaign finance violations. When asked in advance if he could have the day off, Merchan refused to grant the request saying “it really depends” on the trial’s progress at that time.

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