IVF Doctor Accused Of Killing Wife Over Photo

(IntegrityPress.org) – Initially, Susan Sills November 2016 death seemed like a tragic accident after a woman with a migraine fell down the stairs in the wee hours of the morning. Over time, more evidence revealed the potential that her husband, Scott Sills, may have murdered her after she posted a topless photo online as part of a bet Donald Trump wouldn’t win the election. His trial is ongoing currently.

Rick Leeds was a friend of Susan’s; he reported a troubling voice message on his cell phone roughly a month before her death. The normally bubbly, jovial and vivacious woman was whispering and giving a terse description of struggling with her husband, suggesting there was tension in the marriage over the topless photo she posted as a gag on a political website called Patrick.net.

Chief Homicide Detective Dave Holloway was with the Orange County Sheriff’s department and led the investigation on the case. He highlighted that Susan Sills put out this picture on the internet after Trump won and explained that they found multiple pieces of evidence, including the phone recording, that suggested the picture was the final straw for her husband.

Leeds added that subsequent conversations he had with Susan indicated that her marriage wasn’t in a good place, and one of their twin children reported that the couple had been arguing shortly before her death. Police additionally found blood spatter from both husband and wife, and a small cut and bruising was found on Scott Sills’s forehead and forearm, respectively. He offered explanations for the injuries and blood spatter.

A number of plausible explanations from Scott Sills has left observers truly perplexed over the death of his wife. The death was the subject of a recent episode of “48 Hours.” Holloway reported that while Scott was not a suspect at first, the evidence accumulated over the subsequent investigations indicated that he was potentially responsible for the murder of his wife.

The couple began and ran a very successful IVF business which they started together in 2015. Susan ran the business while her husband performed all the medical procedures. They have two twin children who were 12 years old at the time of their mother’s death. Their father is now on trial for her murder.

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