Jewish Student Group Claps Back at Harvard

( – A Jewish student organization at Harvard University made a bold statement this week by hiring an airplane to fly a banner around the campus. The move was in response to recent antisemitic demonstrations on campus and the university administration’s hesitancy to condemn them following Hamas’ terror attack on Israel.

The student group, called “Harvard with Hamas,” took responsibility for the banner, which read “Harvard Hates Jews” and featured a large Palestinian flag. The group explained that their aerial campaign aimed to address the escalating antisemitism on campus and the alarming support for Hamas terrorism expressed by Harvard faculty and students after the Oct. 7th massacre in Israel.

The timing of the aerial protest coincided with a controversial testimony by Harvard President Claudine Gay during a congressional hearing. The hearing focused on the rise of antisemitism on Ivy League campuses, including Harvard and MIT.

When asked about calling for “intifada” or the genocide of the Jewish people, Gay hesitated to state whether it violated the school’s code of conduct. She emphasized a commitment to free expression, even if it involved objectionable or offensive speech, as long as it did not cross into conduct violating their bullying policies.

Gay’s responses sparked calls for her resignation from prominent figures. Billionaire Bill Ackman demanded the resignation of Gay and other Ivy League presidents present at the hearing, accusing them of disgrace.

Harvard With Hamas, in their statement, rebuked the university for deviating from its intended mission. They asserted that the school’s emblem, “veritas,” signifying “truth” in Latin, starkly exposes the current painful reality of the institution—a descent into a profound abyss of animosity and falsehoods.

Specifically targeting President Claudine Gay, the student group accused her of either disregarding or implicitly endorsing the surge of antisemitism on campus. They pointedly highlighted her reluctance to address whether advocating for the genocide of Jews would be deemed a violation of the university’s code of conduct during a congressional hearing.

“This lack of response from Gay has left Jewish students across the nation feeling threatened and abandoned,” the statement emphasized.

In the aftermath of the Hamas attack in Israel over the past two months, several pro-Palestinian and anti-Jewish student groups have orchestrated demonstrations denouncing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people. However, many of these gatherings have faced accusations of overtly advocating for the killing of Jews, intensifying tensions on college campuses.

The banner displayed over Harvard was a compelling visual representation of the ongoing struggle against antisemitism. The response of Harvard and other universities to these concerns and their efforts to cultivate a more inclusive and respectful environment for all students remains to be seen.

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