John Fetterman Rewarded As ‘Hero of Israel’

( – Controversial Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman received the highest award possible from a Jewish University on Wednesday, May 29 over his activism in defense of Israel. Yeshiva University presented Fetterman with its Presidential Medallion calling him an “American patriot” and Israeli “hero” in a statement. The presentation occurred during the commencement and graduation program for 1,700 seniors in Washington Heights, New York.

The statement highlighted Fetterman’s repeated statements in support of Israel which contrasts with the majority of the Democrat Party. It also gave appreciation for Fetterman’s attempts to combat antisemitic sentiments as well as encourage the return of Hamas-held hostages taken on October 7.

Yeshiva University President & Rabbi Ari Berman called Fetterman’s dedication to the Israeli cause “unwavering and courageous” and suggested he offered “moral clarity.” He added that Fetterman was a true hero of contemporary Israelis and Jews alike.

Berman called the current moment “critical” for Jews and Americans, while the commencement marked a sea-change for graduating seniors and the world at large.

Fetterman called the offer “truly humbling” and highlighted that the commencement and graduation programs are profoundly significant in the current environment.

Fetterman has consistently supported Israel and Israeli policy without any criticism. The Israeli state is currently engaged in a military operation around the southern Gaza city of Rafah which is resulting in a high number of civilian casualties. When asked by media representatives about the siege, he suggested he’d “follow Israel,” while adding that the Israeli leaders are in a better position to judge than he is.

Fetterman has clashed with members of his own party, most notably he responded on X to a post by Vice President Kamala Harris wherein she suggested “consequences” for Israel if they attacked the city.

Fetterman has called Israel a “special ally” and many of his staffers have quit over his support.

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