John Kerry Accused of Colluding With Terrorists

( – John Kerry, Barack Obama’s former secretary of state, is under fire for allegedly working in secret to help the Iranian regime.

Republicans have accused Kerry of violating the Logan Act, which forbids unauthorized U.S. citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. Kerry is understood to have met with Iranian officials in 2018, two years after he held his role under Obama. Leaked photographs from that year show him eating at a restaurant with Iranian authorities, including Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. He is alleged to have told the Iranians to wait for the Trump presidency to end and promised more Iran-friendly policies under the next Democratic presidency.

Under Trump’s presidency, the U.S. took a more hardline approach with the Islamist theocracy, even withdrawing from the Obama era nuclear deal previously held with Iran. According to whistleblowers, the Obama-Biden administration actively aided the Iranian regime. Kerry is accused of interfering with FBI activities in order to block the arrests of several Iranians suspected of serious crimes. The suspects were accused of a variety of crimes including terror-related activity and aiding Iran’s ballistic and nuclear programs.

Whistleblowers also claim to have audio of Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif saying that Kerry briefed him on secret Israeli maneuvers in 2021. Kerry has denied telling Iran that Israel had struck 200 Iranian targets located in Syria, calling such allegations “unequivocally false”.

The allegations come after House Republicans quizzed Kerry in March about what they dubbed his “shadow diplomacy,” demanding that he release details of his actions. Since then, whistleblowers are reported to have come forward to reveal alleged evidence of his wrongdoing. Amongst the evidence are emails presented by Sen. Ron Johnson (R – Wis.) and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R – Iowa) that show the State Department blocking eight arrests of Iranians in 2015-2016. According to the leaked emails, this was designed to protect the 2015 Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran, known as the “Joint Plan of Action”.

Grassley accused Kerry of putting politics over the security of the U.S., and he is not the only Republican to have expressed concerns over Kerry’s alleged activities. Nikki Haley, former presidential candidate, accused Kerry of “stabbing” Israel in the back, while Alaskan Sen. Dan Sullivan demanded his resignation, accusing him of committing treason.

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