Johnson Launches Bipartisan AI Task Force

( – The House recently announced the establishment of a bipartisan group for more thorough research into the artificial intelligence (AI) realm. The initiative is led by Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, a NY Democrat. The group’s primary objective is to thoroughly investigate and report on the uses and risks of AI in both federal and general use.

The initiative comes in response to the growing popularity of AI. The task force aims to position the US as the main leader in AI innovation worldwide, while also addressing potential security concerns associated with AI’s ability to quickly evolve. Speaker Johnson emphasized the importance of bipartisan collaboration in understanding and preparing for the huge impacts of AI on the economy and society.

The announcement follows the recent formation of a bipartisan “Working Group” on AI by lawmakers which will look into the influence of AI on various sectors such as financial services, and on the operations of business in many sectors.

As the 2024 election approaches, more lawmakers are warning about the need to regulate AI. There have been numerous hearings and discussions about the technology’s risks and benefits, and experts assert that Congress must take decisive action. The threat of AI in many cases poses big risks to jobs in a lot of sectors.

Last September, more than 60 senators engaged in discussions with tech CEOs, including Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, expressing interest in finding solutions to regulate AI responsibly. The need for protections for the public from potential misuse of AI by “bad actors” was the many focus of these talks. However, no consensus about regulation was reached.

In October 2023, President Biden signed an executive order focusing on AI and its risk management, establishing a precedent for federal rules regarding the use of AI.

The new task force members should collaborate across all government entities to find a way for fair regulation.

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