Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show for 2024 Election Season

( – Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart will return to the program on an intermittent schedule for the 2024 election season. Stewart was the former host of the show and was a regular feature for many viewers of Comedy Central’s late-night line up for 16 years.

MTV and Showtime made the announcement on Wednesday, January 24th. The show’s handlers have been searching for a permanent replacement after lackluster Trevor Noah left the program in December 2022. He had been the host of the show for seven years at the time.

Starting on Monday night, February 12th, Stewart will return to host the show once a week. The show will feature a rotating list of guest host comedians on the other nights.

Noah’s stint as host earned the show an Emmy, but Stewart established the program as not-only a comedy show, but as a critical voice in American politics.

MTV Entertainment Studies CEO Chris McCarthy called Stewart the voice of a generation. McCarthy said Stewart’s “brilliant wit” allows him to pierce the political rhetoric of the day and bring “much-needed clarity” to the discussion.

The show skyrocketed Stewart to international fame with his early critiques of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. Stewart’s regular mocking of the corporate press or war-justifying narratives earned him appreciation from audiences around the world. Despite his obvious impact, Stewart repeatedly suggested the show was just for laughs.

Stewart is also hosting “The Problem” on Apple TV, however there was some reported discontent between the shows editorial staff and Stewart’s vision which failed to yield topical commentary that made “The Daily Show” so popular.

Stewart previously stepped down from “The Daily Show” due to feeling overworked and exhausted. A once-a-week return will allow him to participate and boost ratings without the role becoming a burden. The show has had numerous temporary hosts since Noah left including Leslie Jones and Sarah Silverman.

Paramount+ will stream each episode the day after it’s aired on Comedy Central.

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