Judge Orders New Election in Louisiana

(IntegrityPress.org) – Since the 2020 election, Democrats have suddenly come to believe all elections are immune to shady shenanigans. They love to spout the claim that the 2020 election was free and fair despite irregularities and many Americans continue to doubt the outcome, according to polling.

A frequent talking point is that there was no provable voter fraud, that it is scarce, and that even if it happens it doesn’t impact the outcome because it’s so infrequent. With more scrutiny on elections in the aftermath, it’s no wonder more incidents of outright voter fraud are being captured and accounted for by the judiciary.

Major media (including Fox News) will still avoid stories like a November 18th election for sheriff of a Louisiana parish overturned by a judge after fraud was discovered. The election saw over 43,000 votes cast in total and was hinging on a victory that was only 1 vote wide. Republican John Nickelson is contesting the win by Democrat Henry Whitehorn after a recount found additional votes for both candidates in equal numbers, maintaining the one-vote victory for Whitehorn.

The results were nullified on December 5th after a review of the evidence revealed four unqualified voters who participated, two people whose votes were counted twice, and five disqualified mail-in ballots that should not have been counted. A new election was ordered and scheduled for some time in March, pending further appeals.

Whitehorn complained that the judiciary shouldn’t decide elections and appealed the ruling with intent to take it to the state Supreme Court. Whitehorn was quoted saying he was “disappointed” and criticizing the court for overturning “the will of the people.” He did not comment on the disqualified votes, however. He did say that there shouldn’t be a “redo” due to discontent that he won, dodging the facts uncovered about the 11 illegal votes.

Nickelson called the win a “victory for election integrity” and is excited for their rematch in the spring.

A similar fiasco happened in a Connecticut mayoral race, where fraud was discovered during a primary that is triggering that election to be redone as well.

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