Kamala Staying On-Script On Campaign Trail

(IntegrityPress.org) – The spoken gaffes of Vice President Kamala Harris are well known. Harris has a tendency to ramble incoherently and speak in circles which is why her handlers are making sure she sticks to the script. During a fundraiser for the campaign in San Francisco on June 5, Harris focused on abortion while avoiding trending headlines.

Harris ignored a recent piece in the corporate press about Biden’s failing mental health. Biden’s age and mental fitness are major concerns heading into the November election; an edited clip shared by the RNC’s X account showed Biden sitting down slowly while on stage with French President Emmanuel Macron, and their wives.

Harris didn’t discuss Biden’s mental health. She also didn’t discuss Trump’s conviction in New York for 34 counts of making payments for a non-disclosure agreement and logging them as a legal expense. Each count stems from each individual payment for the same deal. Trump was scheduled to hold an event in San Francisco the very next day.

Observers find what Harris says and doesn’t say equally important. Team Biden has used her as a messenger on the campaign trail despite her low approval with the public. They’re hoping that Harris will earn them more votes with women and black people, two key groups of voters they’ll need to win.

Harris only spoke for 10 minutes, and talked about Trump as a threat to abortion rights. She also claimed he was threatening the rights of gay people and other sexual minorities. She also suggested that Trump would potentially harm the voting rights of black people, without qualifying how specifically he would do that.

Harris echoed another popular talking point from both sides: this election is the most important election upon which the fate of the country will be decided. Democrats and their allies are repeatedly suggesting that Trump will end democracy as we know it and threaten the very foundations of our justice system. Republicans have suggested Joe Biden has done and is doing everything they project onto Trump, highlighting how Biden prosecuted his political enemy with trumped up charges to interfere in the election.

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