Kari Lake Responds After Being Accused of Antisemitism

(IntegrityPress.org) – Though it’s likely that few would argue the instance is on par with what recently took place in Canada, Kari Lake appears to have found herself caught up in what mainstream outlets are referring to as an “antisemitic” faux pas. According to reports, George Soros’ Media Matters dug up some unsavory comments made by a Republican state senate candidate from Oklahoma that Lake had endorsed.

Jarrin Jackson, the candidate in question, reportedly made a number of public statements casting Jews in a negative light. Lake and her team apparently failed to do their due diligence prior to her endorsement of Jackson and the fact came back to haunt her.

Arizona Central published their Media Matters-supplied information and an Arizona House Democrat by the name of Ruben Gallego linked to the article on his Twitter account. In his post, Gallego said that Lake had “shown” voters “exactly who she” was.

On October 30, Lake lashed out at those involved in her own Twitter post and said that the “Soros funded” outlet and “their leftist columnist” had published “such garbage” while ignoring what she said was “the fact that” Rep. “Gallego” had previously “voted to support” Palestinian “terrorists.” Lake went on to say that “Gallego is” himself “antisemitic.”

A Newsweek piece covering the developments said Lake had provided no evidence for her assertions, but a further addition to her Twitter post said that Gallego once met with supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar. The claim was included in a Lake campaign poster and no verification links were provided.

Shortly after the Arizona Central piece was published, Lake rescinded her one-time Jackson endorsement and said she had first backed the candidate because of his combat record as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. “It is impossible” for me “to dig into” each and every item from someone’s past, she said.

In February, Jackson reportedly wrote that Jews were among the Illuminati.

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