Kim Jong Un Boasts of Country’s 2023 Achievements

( – North Korean state media is boasting a litany of 2023 achievements listed by leader Kim Jong Un along with his policy proposals and goals for 2024, according to a report from Wednesday, December 27th.

Independent observers expected the North Korean leader to hype achievements at their annual Workers’ Party plenary meeting which is held at the end of the year. The state media Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Kim called 2023 a turning point year with “great change.” He boasted of increases to the nation’s power and prestige.

KCNA echoed Kim’s sentiments and suggested the country had developed new technologies including its first ever military spy satellite which was launched into orbit in November. It’s unclear exactly what level of sophistication the spy satellite is capable of, though Kim had bragged about being able to see U.S. and its allies’ assets in the region. He even claimed to have seen pictures of the White House.

KCNA also claimed agricultural success with a bountiful harvest and advancements in irrigation being accomplished ahead of schedule. They also claimed new streets, homes, and buildings in the capital of Pyongyang.

South Korea’s independent assessment said that while North Korea did have a better harvest this year compared to last, it’s still under the required level to feed the 25 million people living in the country. They estimated a gap of 5.5 million tons of grain between what was harvested and what is required.

South Korean analyst Hong Min said that the early meetings focused on military technological achievements while avoiding economic discussion and forecasts for the coming year. Hong said the coming meetings will detail how North Korea intends to engage with foreign countries like the U.S., South Korea, and others in the new year.

North Korea fired off an intercontinental ballistic missile despite international condemnation the week before Christmas. The missile flew over 300 miles before crashing into the ocean and was intended as a warning to South Korea and the U.S., according to North Korean authorities.

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