KJP Continues Dodging Questions about Biden Scandals

(IntegrityPress.org) – A study from the Media Research Center (MRC) analyzed Karine Jean-Pierre’s White House press briefings from 2023. They found that out of 337 questions regarding allegations of corruption, bribery, and other criminal behavior by President Joe Biden, Jean-Pierre only answered eight of them (2.37%).

MRC analyst Bill D’Agostino said the data correlates with their findings from the first half of 2023 where a similar analysis found that just six questions out of 252 were answered (2.38%). The study highlighted that the most frequent subject matter for the questions pertained to Biden’s classified documents scandal, but the number for that issue tracked with the general results. Jean-Pierre addressed five of 220 questions on the subject.

D’Agostino added that questions regarding corruption allegations within the Biden family were also addressed at a paltry rate with only three questions out of 52 for the entire year getting “substantive answers” from the White House.

When addressing the cocaine scandal from this summer, Jean-Pierre gave only one complete answer to a total of 30 questions between July 5th through the 17th.

Jean-Pierre consistently refused to discuss the Biden family’s financial dealings, giving only three responses on the subject for the entire duration of 2023.

President Joe Biden also entertains interviews from the media far less often than previous presidents. He’s also held fewer press briefings himself than every prior president in living memory.

Biden hasn’t faced a genuine interview regarding his corruption or mishandling of classified documents since February 2023. Immediately following those critical interviews, several outlets had him on for friendly chats and puff pieces, including “The Daily Show.” At the time, former Obama aide Kal Penn was the guest host.

Founder and president of MRC Brent Bozell speaking with Fox News said Kayleigh McEnany would have never been allowed to ignore such brazen scandals. Bozell added that “leftist media hacks” simply ignore Jean-Pierre’s responses to tough questions, or her refusal to answer them, demonstrating complicity with the Biden regime in the press.

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