L.A. Business Owner Takes Aim at Dems

(IntegrityPress.org) – In the early hours, a group of audacious thieves targeted Delta Construction and Electric Co., a small business in Los Angeles. The owner, Ryan Baggaley, expressed his frustration and disappointment with the lack of protection provided by the very politicians he voted for.

During an interview on Fox 11 Los Angeles, Baggaley’s outburst resonated with many business owners who have been victims of similar crimes. He criticized California Governor Gavin Newsom, L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, and President Joe Biden for failing to address the escalating number of break-ins.

Surveillance footage from Baggaley’s business captured the brazen act of 10 and 15 thieves using a stolen car to ram through the gate and gain access to the building. The burglars made off with valuable music equipment and caused extensive damage to the premises. Baggaley estimated the losses to be in the thousands of dollars, a significant blow to his livelihood and employees.

Adding to the frustration, Baggaley’s call to the police went unanswered for two hours. The delayed response left him feeling abandoned and helpless. This incident highlights the urgent need for law enforcement agencies to prioritize and promptly address such crimes.

Los Angeles established a task force dedicated to combating these criminal activities in response to the surge in retail theft and group robberies. However, Baggaley’s experience demonstrates that more needs to be done to ensure the effectiveness of these measures. The task force must take swift and decisive action to address the concerns raised by business owners like Baggaley.

Community engagement plays a vital role in deterring criminal activities. Encouraging neighbors to look out for one another and report suspicious behavior can create a sense of unity and vigilance. By fostering a strong bond between residents and local businesses, communities can become safer and more resilient.

The incident at Delta Construction and Electric Co. serves as a wake-up call for communities nationwide. Business break-ins have severe consequences for the individuals affected and the broader economy. We must address this issue promptly and effectively to protect the livelihoods of hardworking entrepreneurs.

Baggaley’s frustration echoes the sentiments of many who feel let down by their elected officials. It is essential for politicians to listen to the concerns of their constituents, acknowledge their failures, and take decisive action to rectify the situation.

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