Lab Leak Theory Gains New Steam

( – For years the idea that the pandemic virus was cooked up in a lab was derided as a ridiculous conspiracy theory, but over time it’s become a far more reasonable explanation than the current official story that the virus jumped from a live bat at a Chinese wet market. Now a new piece from the opinion section of a famed corporate press outlet is shifting the Overton window.

Dr. Alina Chan the author of the piece and a researcher with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her piece gives major objective points that support the lab origins theory, making it the most probable explanation.

Chan pointed out that Fauci and others like Dr. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance were funneling American taxpayer dollars reserved for legitimate scientific research into China where illegal experiments frequently described as “gain of function” or bioweapons research were being performed on viruses very similar to that which caused the pandemic.

Chan brought up five major points that make the lab origins theory virtually undeniable, and far more likely than the natural origins claim. She highlighted that the city in which the outbreak began hosted a lab that worked on similar viruses.

Chan then showed that within a year prior to the outbreak, Fauci/Daszak et al. had proposed gain of function research to create a virus with many of the same features as the pandemic virus. Her third point was that the Wuhan facility had very poor safety protocols which would fail to contain an airborne virus. Previous versions of the same virus were only transmissible by direct contact with bat droppings or saliva.

Chan then showed that there was little to no hard evidence backing up the narrative that the virus emerged from the wet market. She also said that key points of evidence were lacking that should be easily detectable if the natural origins theory was correct.

The major issue is that governments, big tech, and corporate press outlets all collaborated to shove this false-narrative down the public’s throat. When scrutinized, it’s clear that neither Republicans nor Democrats want to open Pandora’s box as both sides hold blame for the fiasco and we’re in an election year.

Fortunately, the truth seems impossible to contain for much longer.

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