Lance Gooden, Texas Congressman, Concerned About the Future of AI

( – According to Lance Gooden, a Republican Congressman from Texas, Americans could be facing a future where they are/should be “very afraid” of artificial intelligence (AI), following an open letter signed by over a thousand business leaders, which urges for a six-month pause on new AI developments. Gooden warns that the threat of AI will creep up on society and significant changes may be too late once they are made. Microsoft’s release of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot that can hold human-like dialogue and analyze data, could threaten jobs across various industries, including customer service, tech, and media. Gooden expresses concern about the replacement of government duties with AI and the possibility of being pulled over and questioned by a robot. He believes that caution is necessary– and that Americans need to be on the same page as a society.

Google and Meta have also ramped up their AI projects after Microsoft’s success with GPT-4, the technology that powers ChatGPT and Bing search engine. Gooden is wary of China developing the next turn-of-the-century AI model, and emphasizes the importance of caution and unity among Americans in what they support. The potential danger of AI development is a concern shared by many, from Elon Musk, who calls for a pause in development to ensure the technology’s benefits, to others who see it as an existential threat to human life.

Eliezer Yudkowsky, a theorist for AI at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, wrote in Time that building a superhumanly smart AI under current circumstances would likely result in everyone on earth dying. The Biden administration has taken action in regulating AI, with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) claiming to regulate AI technology to prevent unfair business practices. The FTC warns of penalties for those who make, sell, or use a tool designed to deceive- even if it’s not their sole purpose. The talk of the effects of AI on society have become even more popular now since the release of the aforementioned tool, ChatGPT.

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