Lindsey Graham Says America’s Enemies Don’t Respect Biden

( – Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham claimed in a March 21 appearance on Fox News that the United States’ enemies do not respect US President Joe Biden.

In response to the White House refusing to say whether Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping “feared” Biden, Graham argued that it was less about fear and more about respect, before claiming that America’s enemies did not respect President Biden.

Graham predicted that Russia was working towards a pact with China that would result in Beijing providing weapons to Moscow for use in its war with Ukraine. Graham also accused Biden of doing the right things in the “wrong way” and suggested that the White House should have given Ukraine weapons before Russia’s invasion.

The senator claimed that Biden did not provide Ukraine with weapons before the invasion, or “punish” Russia for amassing troops on the border, because he wanted to avoid being “provocative.” Graham singled out the Biden administration’s controversial withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in 2021 as the moment when the US lost respect on the global stage.

Xi Jinping landed in Moscow on March 20 for a meeting with Putin at the Kremlin. During the meeting, Xi referred to Putin as a “dear friend” and the two leaders announced the establishment of closer ties between their nations.

On March 20, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs also published a document attacking American democracy and accusing the US of holding double standards. In the document, the ministry accused the Biden administration of purposefully inflaming the war in Ukraine for its own financial and political gain.

The Biden administration has received criticism for inadvertently pushing its two largest adversaries, China and Russia, closer together with its sanctions on Russia and support for Ukraine, as well as its approach to China and Taiwan since Biden was elected president in 2020.

Former US President Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed Russia would not have invaded Ukraine were he still president. Trump has also accused Biden of bringing the world closer to World War 3 with his approach to the Ukraine conflict.

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