Man Confesses To Killing Wife Due To Hospital Bills

( – A husband killed his wife in a Missouri hospital on May 3 and was charged with a second-degree murder charge shortly thereafter. Court filings alleged Ronnie Wiggs, 75, admitted to killing his wife to hospital staff after the couple had come into the hospital so his wife could get a new dialysis port. Wiggs told police the primary reason he killed her was due to his inability to afford her medical bills.

A code blue was called around 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 3, indicating someone had cardiac or respiratory arrest and required immediate emergency resuscitation. That’s when staff reportedly heard Wiggs admit he choked his wife to death. He repeated the admission to police.

Witnesses described injuries on the victim that indicated strangulation; she was described as having a wound on her throat and general redness around her neck. She had been previously seen alert and awake just an hour before by hospital staff and the injuries could not have been caused by attempts to resuscitate her.

Hospital staff was able to get a heartbeat, but determined that Mrs. Wiggs was brain dead and harvested her organs shortly thereafter. She died overnight.

Prosecutors explain that Wiggs admitted to covering his wife’s nose and mouth to conceal her screams while he choked her.

Court documents also explain that Wiggs claimed the reason he killed his wife was due to the medical expenses she was accumulating. Wiggs also confessed to two prior attempts to kill her. He said that he tried to kill her once during a stay at a rehab facility but couldn’t actually do it after she woke up during the attempt. Wiggs said that she chastised him at the time.

Wiggs also reported a second attempt but said that he stopped short because his wife was attached to medical monitors while they were in a hospital.

Wiggs is being held on a $250,000 bond.

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