Man Dies Of Electrocution In Resort Hot Tub

( – A Texas man is dead after being electrocuted in a hot tub at a Mexican resort on June 11, another woman suffered severe electrical burns but survived. The private facility is in Puerto Penasco, Mexico in the Mexican state of Sonora.

Local media repeated facts as relayed by the Sonora’s state General Prosecutor’s Office. The pair entered the hot tub shortly after 10 p.m. and was found shortly thereafter unresponsive by another person.

Forty-three-year-old Jorge Guillen and his wife, Lizbeth Zambrano, were found not-moving by a third party who was shocked when attempting to get into the tub and rouse the pair.

Prosecutors and investigators believe faulty wiring was to blame for the incident. Wiring at beach resorts has a tendency to corrode due to a high concentration of fast moving air, rich with water, which causes the formation of oxides (rust) on any exposed wires.

Zambrano survived with severe burns while unfortunately Guillen died due to his injuries. She’s since been transported back to the U.S. where she’s receiving medical care.

Investigators explained how a witness told them she was shocked upon attempting to investigate the pair who weren’t moving while in the tub. She subsequently called for help.

Further investigations revealed that Zambrano jumped in to try and save her husband and is now suing the U.S.-based operator Casago International and affiliated booking company High Desert Travel for $1 million over faulty wiring resulting in her injuries and the death of her husband.

Her suit highlighted the additional problem of resort staff not responding quickly to the emergency. Lawyers described how her husband stepped into the tub only to be shocked into paralysis while falling under water. Terrifying footage was released showing the affair descend into chaos. Guests were able to pull Zambrano out, but were unable to get Guillen quickly; many of them were shocked and injured during the attempt. Lawyers for the family claimed that the staff was effectually unresponsive

Guillen was described by friends as having “a heart of gold” saying that he always was ready to help when someone needed it. Hot tub accidents like this are extremely rare, but indicate the importance of regular maintenance.

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