Man Surprised When Police Follow Him Across State Lines

( – A man was arrested after speeding over 117 mph in Arkansas. Perhaps he was a bit deluded by fictional content like the “Dukes of Hazzard,” a classic TV show in which the protagonists frequently escaped police by crossing over the county line as if it was some magical border that protected criminals from further pursuit.

The man was seemingly shocked after his arrest in Oklahoma, just across the state line from Arkansas, when an Arkansas State Trooper pursued him into Oklahoma. Unfortunately for the man, simply crossing a state line is not enough to terminate pursuit from officers, despite the trope being deployed in fiction.

Most states have reciprocal agreements regarding the pursuit of suspects across state lines with very few exceptions.

The man was later identified as James B. Cooper. He said that he was speeding due to his suspicion that he was experiencing a heart attack and had been attempting to locate a hospital with all possible haste.

Cooper was transported to Baptist Health in Oklahoma and his vehicle was impounded. The arresting officer advised Cooper that if he left ER without completing the arrest process with Arkansas police, he could be additionally charged with escape and additional charges.

Cooper left the hospital thereafter and had warrants issued for escape and other offenses. It was also noted that Cooper is a habitual traffic offender and bloodwork confirmed he was on several prescription medications which could impact his ability to drive.

Dash cam footage of the arrest was eventually posted online and released to the public.

Cooper said he was on his way to the Right Way Clinic in Oklahoma where he began to experience a medical problem and decided to attempt to find closer help. He accepted a guilty plea in a deal that slapped him with six years on probation and his $3,500 bond was forfeited.

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