Marlon Wayans Claims He was Racially Targeted

( – Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans has stated that he is facing racist accusations for causing a disturbance. He attributes this claim to a confrontation with an airline employee whom he alleges targeted him based on his race.

The incident occurred in June when Wayans was cited for disturbing the peace, a municipal violation. According to the court document, a gate agent from United Airlines informed him that he couldn’t board a flight to Kansas City with three bags. The filing further contends that the gate agent attempted to physically obstruct Wayans from boarding the flight. Wayans subsequently boarded the flight but was later requested to disembark before departure.

The court filing alleges that while Wayans was reorganizing his luggage, the gate agent allowed white passengers with three bags to board the flight. The document even includes still images from surveillance footage with yellow arrows indicating each white passenger’s bags. Around 140 people reportedly boarded the flight, many of whom had three bags and oversized luggage that violated the airline’s policies.

Wayans, who is African American, is contesting these allegations in a court filing, seeking the dismissal of the case.

Recorded statements from police body cameras and cited in the court document indicate that the gate agent informed the officers that Wayans had “elbowed and shoved” him while boarding the plane. Wayans’ lawyers dispute this account, contending that Wayans might have unintentionally brushed shoulders with the agent while boarding.

The police officers who conducted the investigation reportedly had doubts about whether any criminal activity had taken place. Nonetheless, the gate agent insisted on pursuing charges.

According to Wayans’ lawyers, the city’s position is contrary to constitutional and social equity principles. The City Attorney, Kerry Tipper, declined to comment on ongoing cases, while United did not immediately respond to a request for comment via email.

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