Mayor Adams Stands Firm Against Protestors

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams instructed city universities to hold their graduation ceremonies as they normally would and if they need help from the city and the NYPD to maintain law and order he’ll happily make it available upon request.

Adams noted that graduation ceremonies mark a tremendous accomplishment for young people as they begin their adult lives and that nothing should interfere with the “normal” experience during an appearance on “This Week” on May 5. Adams said that he would make sure the city does the job of ensuring a peaceful and stable environment for universities holding graduation ceremonies.

New York universities have been the scene of dramatic protests against Israel as the war in Gaza against Hamas continues. Protests on the campuses of Columbia University and CUNY resulted in police presence being invoked to disperse trespassers, some of whom attempted to occupy buildings or deployed tent encampments.

Adams highlighted that outside agitators were radicalizing students and encouraging illegal activity which he suggested was dangerous to students, police, and the public. Adams said NYPD has been using the most minimal force to restore order and has only acted once the school in question called for help.

Adams explained that “outside agitators” were heavily involved in taking the protests to a violent extreme. Just under half of the people arrested during police raids weren’t students at all.

Adams said that the city will enforce law and order and will not tolerate outsiders using its young people as pawns to spread hate or wreak havoc. The mayor shared a flier from one of the protests that read “Death to America,” and said that the left seems to frequently advocate for the destruction of the country in which they reside.

Adams added that he didn’t care about being politically correct, instead he was focused on maintaining safety and stability in a city where millions of people live, work and learn every day.

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