Michael Knowles Goes on Bizarre IVF Rant

(IntegrityPress.org) – Daily Wire host Michael Knowles made a shockingly unpopular argument that suggested In vitro fertilization (IVF) is “intrinsically evil” and as such shouldn’t be used as a means of conception. Knowles has repeatedly expressed anti-IVF sentiments, which he opposes due to the interference of technology with the reproductive act.

Pro-life advocates also believe that zygotes, the fertilized embryo that results from the combination of sperm and egg, are people and deserve the same rights as the rest of us. That would include the right to life, or being born. IVF typically creates multiple zygotes and then implants a select few hoping that one or more is successful. This is why IVF parents sometimes have a litter instead of a single baby.

A recent ruling from the Alabama State Supreme Court during a wrongful death suit determined that zygotes are children and their destruction can be civilly prosecuted under state law. Alabama has a state constitutional amendment and separate legislation that makes it one of the most pro-life states in the country.

In the controversial clip, Knowles compared IVF babies to those conceived during a rape and suggested that while all human life is valuable, we don’t condone rape because it can produce babies. He said that the ends don’t justify the means, despite popular sentiments.

Knowles explained that he received commentary from someone who said their niece was conceived through IVF. While Knowles believes that it’s great she exists, he said he feels the same way about children conceived during a rape. The circumstances of their conceptions may not be ideal, but that doesn’t make their lives less worthy than those conceived in normal natural settings.

Knowles suggested that IVF advocates deploy an “ends justifies the means” argument, that because children result, the method is legitimate. Frequently left undiscussed is the number of zygotes destroyed in the process.

Conservatives have been rallying around abortion issues in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade in 2022. Abortion, IVF, and surrogacy are popular topics that engage audiences on social media.

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