Migrants Now Under Curfew in NYC

(IntegrityPress.org) – New York City Mayor Eric Adams has enacted a curfew on illegals staying in city shelters after local residents began to complain about door-to-door panhandling at all hours of the night. Residents said they were seeing a flood of illegals begging for food, money, and other resources 24 hours a day.

Some locals have even used the word “invasion” to describe the sudden inundation of illegals in neighborhoods adjacent to the shelters. The city’s legal residents living in the areas around the shelters have reported in comments to the New York Post that the number of illegals is “alarming” and they feel “on edge” due to their sheer numbers.

The illegals staying at shelters will have to abide by similar rules as the city’s American homeless population with a curfew of 11 p.m. which is lifted at 6 a.m. The rules are equivalent to homeless shelters reserved for citizens of the country, prompting the question as to why it wasn’t a rule for the illegals until now.

City Hall officials said that if they need to leave the premises during the restricted hours for legitimate reasons like work, medical appointments, or otherwise can receive permission in advance by applying for it. Violators are subject to a three-strikes rule, meaning if they violate the curfew three times then they’re subject to eviction from the shelters.

Councilwoman Joann Ariola said that the curfew is just the beginning of the process of reigning in out of control spending and ridiculous policies like the city’s “right-to-shelter” law. She added that the curfews are late in arrival, suggesting they should have been implemented from day one. She also said ending the right-to-shelter policy was key in ending the constant stream of illegals coming to NYC for aid.

Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul made announcements regarding the state’s 2025 budget, including $500 million in funding to address the illegal immigrant crisis.

The problem is slated to get worse before it improves, however, as demonstrated by a recent stabbing of a 24-year-old man at a shelter on Randall’s Island that resulted in his death. The illegal had been involved in a dispute with another man who was also staying at the shelter. The attacker was arrested and charged with murder.

Another fight broke out at a shelter in the East Village after an illegal attempted to cut a line where hundreds of people were waiting to be processed by city officials.

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