NATO Allies Give Greenlight For Ukraine To Use F-16s

( – After months of pleading with allies to allow Ukraine to use donated weapons to strike within Russian borders, Kiev has been given the go-ahead by its allies in NATO to do just that.

Throughout the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine has been supported by several western countries in its defense, including the U.S. However, many such nations put restrictions on the aid provided, namely that Ukrainian forces could only use such weaponry to defend itself within its borders. Now, Ukraine is able to attack Russia’s own land using foreign military provisions.

The United Kingdom recently lifted its restrictions along with the Netherlands, Denmark, and now the United States and Germany. The Danish foreign minister said that doing so was well “within the rules of war” and would simply be part of expected self-defense for a nation under attack. Some nations have still chosen to apply some rules to the use of their weapons in the Ukraine-Russia war. Pres. Emmanual Macron has warned that French weapons should only be used to hit possible sources of attacks on Ukraine, such as airfields or missile launchers.

Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin has responded to what he views as direct Western involvement in the war by threatening retaliatory actions. While speaking to the media from St. Petersburg, he went into detail as to how he believed some of the NATO allies’ weaponry would be used against Russia. He spoke of the different steps taken to launch specific types of missiles, saying that some would require direct programming or satellite support by, for example, British or American troops.

Putin went on to warn of the potential for an “asymmetrical response” by Russia, should those NATO allies’ armaments strike within Russian borders. He suggested a possible scenario in which Moscow would supply “weapons of the same class” to other countries who would use them to hit those NATO allies’ “sensitive facilities”. He also pointed to his country’s nuclear doctrine that specifies Moscow would authorize the use of nuclear weapons should the “existence of the state” be threatened.

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