New Evidence Exposes Hunter Biden Lie

( – The House Ways and Means Committee released new documentary evidence proving that Hunter Biden perjured himself while under oath before Congress. More than 100 pages of documents were published on Wednesday, May 22, which contradicted claims that Hunter Biden had made during his testimony in front of Congress on February 28.

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) said that the documents prove Biden was lying to Congress. He added that Biden apparently believes he is subject to a different set of laws and legal standards than the rest of the country as he ignored the subpoena until threatened with charges for contempt and then he lied under oath during his appearance.

The documents show that Biden lied regarding his relationship with Chinese energy executive Raymond Zhao, as well as claims that he did not control certain business accounts. He was also caught in a lie regarding whether or not he helped Ukrainian Burisma CEO Nikolay Zlochevsky acquire a visa. Hunter Biden was paid nearly $80,000/month to sit on the board of that company.

Biden denied that he had sent a text message to Zhao suggesting that he was sitting next to his father, Joe Biden, and that the pair were waiting for a payment to be processed from the Chinese energy company. Biden claimed under oath that that Zhao in question was not the Zhao who worked with the energy company. Phone records tell a different story; Biden’s WhatsApp history revealed there was only one Zhao he was talking to.

His claims that he did not control certain business accounts were countered by testimony from former business partner Devon Archer, who said they were equal partners in the company in question, and as such Hunter Biden had access to the company’s accounts.

IRS whistleblower Joseph Ziegler revealed that Biden used the accounts as a proxy where monies from Burisma and other overseas wires would hit the business accounts first, before being transferred to personal accounts.

Biden also denied helping anyone with acquiring a visa, but an email revealed the committee showed that Biden did send an email on the subject which included Archer and several Ukrainians on the chain.

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