New Foster Facility Breaks Ground in LA

( – Christian Bale has revealed that he plans to build foster homes, a community center, and other facilities for children in a village in California. The actor, known for roles in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series and the film American Psycho, is leading the initiative with Together California, the organization behind the planning. One of the main goals of the initiative is to keep foster children together with their siblings. The $22 million project has just begun and is estimated to be finished around 2025.

Bale, aged 50, expressed that a project like this is a must, envisioning it as a hub for children who’ve experienced the trauma of losing parents and siblings. The actor said he is investing so much into this as he was influenced by his late father, David, who instilled in him a sense of activism and care for others. Bale said he admired his father growing up, who was also an environmental activist. The actor noted his father’s habit of always accommodating those without homes in their household.

Born in Wales, Bale’s family moved frequently, and according to him, his philanthropic journey started with the birth of his daughter, Emmeline, in 2005. Realizing the struggle of foster kids in Los Angeles, he and his wife committed to making a difference. Bale acknowledged that the village concept was inspired by his attempt to understand life without a supportive environment.

The actor emphasized that foster kids in California need to be helped, revealing his surprise at the state having the highest number of foster children in the US. He aims to use his fame as an actor to bring attention to the issue and create positive change. Bale indicated he had been planning this for over a year, but it took longer than he wanted to, mostly due to bureaucracy.

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