Newsmax Leaders Given Disturbing Orders after Royal Investment

( – Employees of the conservative news outlet Newsmax have reportedly been warned not to criticize Qatar after the media company received a large injection of funds from one of its royal family members.

Sheikh Sultan bin Jassim Al Thani is reported to have given $50 million to Newsmax over the 2019-2020 period via his investment fund, Heritage Advisors, which is based in London. A spokesperson for the fund said that the investment was inspired by the Qatari’s belief that Newsmax represented a good opportunity to make profit and added that the Qatari government had nothing to do with it.

The $50 million came at a time when Qatar, which has been a long-time benefactor and ally to the terrorist organization Hamas, faced ostracism from its fellow Islamic Middle Eastern neighbors unhappy with its alleged relationships with multiple Islamist terror groups. An alliance of countries led by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia blockaded Qatar in order to apply diplomatic pressure. Qatar, seeking allies elsewhere, initially failed to win then-President Trump over to its corner, although by 2021 the US, under Trump’s administration, had helped to broker a deal between those feuding Arab states in a move hoped to improve peace and stability in the region.

Newsmax’s CEO Christopher Ruddy has taken a strong interest in Republican politics for many years and has visited Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort numerous times. Ruddy made clear his ambitions to boost Newsmax’s market share under his leadership and was alleged to have pressured staff not to show Qatar in a poor light both before and after the $50 million investment. A spokesperson for Newsmax has denied the claims that Ruddy ever influenced his staff to paint a rosier view of the controversial country, pointing to several occasions on which Newsmax hosts have criticized Qatar’s leadership and its role in the Hamas-Israel conflict. While Ruddy is involved in the day-to-day running of the company, spokesman Bill Daddi insists that he does not tell anybody what they may or may not say on air.

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