Newsom Gets Nasty Response To Request For New Coin Design

( – California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) was not amused by public criticism over his role in the growing problems experienced by the Golden State after he requested comments on X for potential designs for a new $1 state coin. Newsom was hoping the public could share some designs that would highlight the state’s innovations but instead he got a lot of designs highlighting the homeless crisis.

Once known for being the home of Silicon Valley and the tech industry, California has become a hotspot for crime, increasing costs of living, and businesses fleeing the state in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. Many businesses have had to shutter their physical outlets due to the impact of crime. California district attorneys have frequently enabled criminal activity by refusing to hold criminals accountable after arrest.

The public wasn’t having any of it and flooded the post with designs that included homeless encampments, illegal aliens, wildfire, and Harvey Weinstein.

Jim Stanley, the commentor of the images above, used AI to generate images of homeless tent encampments on coins. He highlighted that the state has spent $24 billion on attempting to solve the problem only to see it get worse over time. Homeless encampments have become a regular fixture in Californian cities, the city of San Francisco only cleaned up its streets when Chinese President Xi Jinping made an official state visit earlier this year.

Another commenter highlighted how a new coin design is really the last thing Californian officials should be focused on, calling Newsom and his cronies ridiculously “out of touch.” That user suggested Newsom contact Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for advice on how to run a functioning state.

Yet another commentator shared a design that featured batteries and a face mask with the tagline “In Newsom We Trust” at the bottom. Others also suggested needles or drug paraphernalia, illegal immigrants, and high gas prices as potential symbols for inclusion.

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