Nikki Haley Responds on Potential for Biden Pardon

( – Nikki Haley keeps messing up on basic questions. She was recently chastised for her response to a question from an audience member during a recent town hall regarding the causes of the Civil War. When asked about the origination of the conflict, Haley focused on freedoms and the government’s ability to restrict them versus any mention of the slavery question.

Haley’s latest blunder in response to questions from NBC News correspondents Brianne Pfannenstiel and Dasha Burns was regarding whether or not she would give a presidential pardon to Hunter Biden for any of the criminal allegations against him. Instead of answering with a simple “no,” Haley replied she wasn’t prepared to answer the question as she wasn’t aware of what the charges are or whether or not he’d been convicted yet.

Haley continued suggesting that the Department of Justice hasn’t been acting in a fair and reasonable manner, comparing the relative treatment of Trump in comparison to the Clintons and Biden family. She suggested that equality before the law was the basis of the law and that equal treatment has to be maintained across the board regardless of political affiliation.

Which was great, however she continued to demonstrate her ignorance of the Hunter Biden fiasco by saying she’d have to “wait and see” as to what the official charges are. She further elaborated that every case has to be scrutinized individually when considering a pardon, and she thought it was irresponsible to say in advance how she’d proceed considering she doesn’t know the details.

Considering Joe Biden himself has said he wouldn’t pardon his son, one wonders why Nikki Haley needs more information. It’s also clear Haley hasn’t apprised herself of the details in the matter, specifically regarding how multiple whistleblowers have come forward from several agencies including the FBI, IRS, and DOJ all suggesting that the Hunter Biden investigation was unduly slow-walked and abrogated by political interference.

Contrasting Haley’s response with that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, long considered the runner-up for the GOP nomination, yields a frank juxtaposition. DeSantis said unequivocally that he would not pardon Hunter Biden.

DeSantis criticized the premise of the question, elaborating that Hunter Biden would have been prosecuted and likely jailed a long time ago if not for his political connections.

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