NJ Gov Asks Bus Companies for Notice Before Migrant Deliveries

(IntegrityPress.org) – In a move to manage the influx of illegal migrants, Gov. Phil Murphy has urged bus companies transporting migrants from the southern US border to New York City to provide “at least 32 hours” notice to New Jersey authorities.

According to Murphy’s letter to 23 bus companies on Monday, January 8, approximately 1,800 migrants, mostly newly in the US from the Mexican border, have passed through New Jersey since the beginning of the year. He attributed this movement to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s directives of sending illegals to NY.

The immigration debate has intensified recently, with New York City becoming a big point of contention between Republican leaders from the south and Democratic leaders from the city. Now, New Jersey finds itself in this national debate, with Democrats like Murphy advocating for their states to act as “sanctuaries” for asylum-seekers.

Reacting to New York Mayor Eric Adams’ executive order mandating similar notifications and setting specific drop-off times for migrants in the city, certain bus companies altered their routes. Because of this, migrants began arriving at transit stations in New Jersey towns such as Secaucus, Fanwood, Edison, and Trenton without prior warning.

Expressing his concerns, Murphy’s letter emphasized the need for notification in advance to ensure the safety and proper coordination of migrants’ arrivals. He called on the bus companies to give New Jersey’s Office of Emergency Management comprehensive passenger details, including numbers of families and children, drop-off locations within the state, and anticipated arrival times to lessen the confusion.

Recent data indicates that Texas has redirected nearly 100,000 migrants to cities like New York, Chicago, and Denver, challenging President Biden’s immigration policies. Meanwhile, New York City has initiated legal action against multiple bus companies, mostly because of the relocation controversies.

Republicans argue that all they are doing is showing Democratic leaders how to uphold their commitments to support migrants, although the method is obviously meant to mock the pro-migration policies of the Democrats.

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