One Million Vehicles Recalled for Air Bag Issues

( – Toyota Motor Co announced a recall of approximately 1 million vehicles in the United States due to a potential defect that could prevent deployment of the airbag. The affected vehicles span various Toyota and Lexus models from 2020 to 2022, especially among popular models like Avalon, Camry, Highlander, RAV4, and certain hybrid variants. Lexus models implicated in the recall include the ES250 sedan and the RX350 SUV, among others.

The underlying issue revolves around front passenger seat sensors, which may have been manufactured incorrectly. These sensors are prone to experience short circuits, compromising the functionality of the Occupant Classification System (OCS). Because of this, the airbag system might fail to accurately detect the weight of the driver, potentially resulting in the airbag not deploying in an accident. In response, Toyota and Lexus dealerships will meticulously inspect and, if necessary, replace the OCS sensors at zero cost to vehicle owners. Affected customers can anticipate notifications from Toyota by mid-February 2024.

Owners of Toyota and Lexus vehicles can access further information by contacting their respective customer service lines.

This marks Toyota’s 3rd significant recall. In November, the company recalled nearly 2 million RAV4 SUVs in the US due to potential battery displacement during sharp maneuvers, posing a fire risk. In late October, Toyota recalled over 700,000 Highlander SUVs to address mounting tab issues related to the front bumper cover assembly. The company emphasized that even minor collisions could dislodge the assembly, posing hazards to drivers.

Highlighting the importance of airbags, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stated that frontal airbags have safeguarded over 50,000 lives in the US over 3 decades. The urgency behind the new sensors stems from past incidents where airbag deployment mechanisms led to injuries and, in isolated instances, fatalities among children, smaller adults, and unrestrained passengers positioned way too close to the airbag when it goes off.

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