OpenAI CEO Says He’s Scared of Own Technology

( – OpenAI CEO Sam Altman revealed in an interview that he was “scared” of his own creation, the viral ChatGPT AI bot, and how such technology could also be used for evil purposes.

In an interview with ABC News, Altman said that his company was “a little bit scared” of its own advanced AI technology and that it had to be “careful.”

Asked by the news network whether he was personally scared of ChatGPT, Altman said that nobody would be able to trust him if he said no and proposed that it’s a good thing for the CEO of an AI company to have at least some concerns over the future of the technology.

Altman acknowledged that ChatGPT would “eliminate a lot of current jobs,” though argued that better jobs would be created in their place. He also expressed concern over authoritarian governments potentially using artificial intelligence with bad intent.

Despite these concerns, however, Altman was overall optimistic about AI and argued that it would become the greatest technology ever created by man.

Since its release on November 30, 2022, ChatGPT has been used for a wide variety of purposes and is capable of writing entire essays and stories, job application cover letters, song lyrics, and more.

In an editorial, The Guardian warned that ChatGPT would need to be regulated to “keep people safe,” while Australian MP Julian Hill claimed that the technology could be used for “mass destruction.”

ChatGPT has also been accused of holding political biases. After author Jordan B. Peterson asked the AI to write a poem about Donald Trump, it created a poem which ridiculed the former US president’s hair and accused him of sowing division. Asked to create a similar poem about current US President Joe Biden, ChatGPT praised Biden’s leadership, empathy, and “soothing” words.

In other cases, ChatGPT was happy to criticize conservative ideas, organizations, and figures, but not their liberal counterparts, leading to cries that the AI had gone “woke.”

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