Pennsylvania House to be Controlled by Democrats

( – The Democrats in Pennsylvania have won control of the state house after winning and completely sweeping three special elections. The party won a 102-101 majority in November’s general election in the Pittsburgh area, but one member died and two left for a higher office, leaving Republicans in control. This resulted in a very uneasy power-sharing deal between the two sides. However, with the recent victories, the Democrats now hold the majority firmly in the state house, even though for a while it looked like they would not. Regardless, this win is extremely significant for the Democrats as it gives them greater influence in crafting and creating the budget bill for the battleground state.

Their victories also are a huge help for the state for the elections in 2024, when Pennsylvania will again be a very important battleground for the presidential election that will be happening then. Last month when the state house session began, some republicans, including some republican leaders, joined the Democrats to elect Rep. Mark Rozzi as the speaker. However, since then the chamber seems to have been put in a sort of standstill, and since he was elected there has not been any further progress.

Another seat for the democrats also will soon have to be filled following Republican Lynda Culver’s victory in a state Senate special election. Rep. Tony DeLuca was replaced by the democrats after his service with Joe McAndrew in the 32nd district, Summer Lee with Abigail Salisbury in the 34th district, and Austin Davis with Matt Gergely in the 35th district. Although the majority of the seats in the chamber are now under control of the democrats after securing the house in Pennsylvania, it is unclear who will hold the gavel and be the one to preside over the issues and the state house in of itself, whether it be Rozzi, Democratic leader state Rep. Joanna McClinton or someone else

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