Police Kill Shooter on Wisconsin School Roof

(IntegrityPress.org) – An active shooter perched on a school roof top was recently killed by police in Wisconsin. The gunman was first spotted at a mechanic shop, which led to the parking lot of a middle school in Milwaukee. The shooter then tried to enter the school. Realizing he could not get in, he climbed to the roof of the school and got into a shootout with the police.

The school was on complete lockdown during and after the shootout. Though a large number of students were at the school when the incident erupted, none were injured. Police also arrived quickly on the scene so that the shooter did not have a chance to actually injure anyone.

The Wisconsin Justice Department has been investigating the incident. They are not yet able to announce the identity of the shooter or how old they are.

Later, it was revealed that the shooter had been driving a vehicle with out-of-state license plates that eventually broke down on the side of the road. His erratic behavior first became apparent at a mechanic shop, and this is where the events began that eventually led to the shooter’s death atop the school.

The Superintendent of the Germantown School District, Chris Reuter, said on Facebook that this was an isolated incident. He also affirmed that classes would be resumed across the district except for classes at the middle school, which would remain inaccessible due to the ongoing investigation and potential safety concerns.

The tragic incident has not only triggered a substantial response from law enforcement but has also shown that when you have well-defined emergency response procedures the students within schools would be safer.

Post-pandemic, shootings have increased in number due to a variety of factors. Violent crime generally is up sharply in many states across the US, but particularly in cities. Schools and police officers who take swift action in emergencies are more important than ever to ensure the safety of citizens and schoolchildren.

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