Police Raid Home After Child Allegedly Makes Threat

Police Raid Home After Child Allegedly Makes Threat

(IntegrityPress.org) – One Californian family had their home raided and firearms removed after their young daughter allegedly made threats to use a firearm against another child over a silly case of two girls being interested in the same boy. The child in question is only 10 years old and her identity is being protected due to her extremely young age.

The incident in May triggered two police investigations. One was to discover how serious the child was in making the threat while the other was to determine how she accessed the firearm she allegedly displayed during an online video chat with other students.

Police ended up raiding the property the same day the threat was reported, seizing two guns, loaded magazines, and plenty of ammo. An administrator from Key Academy in Hayward, California, reported the incident to the police on May 29. The threat was allegedly made twice in online video chats using Facetime on May 28, with the second video chat revealing that the child had access to a firearm. She is alleged to have threatened to bring to school and use during a fight with another girl.

Police visited the home, and the mother initially agreed to purchase a gun safe. After failing to make the purchase immediately as promised, and learning that the child was still at home with access to the guns, police decided to raid the property and secure the weapons and ammunition. State privacy laws prohibit any publicization of whether the child was charged with any crimes.

Key Academy began on June 10.

It’s not unheard of for young students to make violent threats. Back in April, police seized multiple firearms and took a parent into custody after a 12-year-old allegedly made threats against school classmates at Jurupa Valley. The student was also reportedly arrested.

Proper firearm safety in homes with children involves keeping the guns inaccessible to them while instructing them on the seriousness of the weapons and proper handling as they age. The Pennsylvania government website stresses the importance of parents securing their firearms if they have children and setting a good example by promoting safe practices at home.

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