Police Trapped at Pro-Palestine March

(IntegrityPress.org) – Anti-Israel protests popping up around the world in response to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas have become hazards for police in their attempt to quell angry crowds when individual members break the law and are subject to arrest.

Crowds of angry protesters surrounded a police van and prevented it from leaving with a suspect who was under arrest on Saturday, December 2nd, in London. The scene unfolded after a pro-Palestinian protest saw marchers invade downtown London to the tune of several thousand.

The man was detained due to the content of his sign, however, police refused to elaborate about what the sign specifically said that triggered his arrest. When asked, they cited “a racially aggravated public offense.” In the UK, it’s illegal to express racist sentiments in public, what qualifies is up to the discretion of police and judges.

Metropolitan Police complained on X (Twitter) that they were temporarily detained by the crowd after they’d made an arrest in Windrush Square. They said that they were able to get moving once more officers arrived on the scene and cleared the demonstrators. They indicated they would continue to arrest anyone suspected of breaking the law, despite the crowd. They added that a teenage male was busted for allegedly damaging a police vehicle.

London’s police have seemingly toughened up after earlier criticism they were tolerating racism in violation of the UK criminal code. They even went so far as to distribute pamphlets indicating that inciting hatred and racism was illegal as was public support for Hamas or other banned organizations. They also warned that damage to monuments was intolerable.

The U.S. has had similar issues: a family event featuring the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree on Thursday, November 30th was disrupted by a group allegedly supporting the Palestinians. One of the protesters sported a sign featuring a swastika which he associated with the Israeli military. He was eventually asked to leave by other protesters and a physical altercation ensued.

Police and barricades failed to keep the angry crowd contained and the police began arresting troublemakers.

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