Preparing for a Zoom Interview? What You Need To Know

Preparing for a Zoom Interview? What You Need To Know

( – Virtual interviews, whether on Zoom, Skype, or another platform, pose unique challenges compared to their traditional, in-person counterparts. With that in mind, a couple of strategies are worth employing to prepare specifically for this part of the job-seeking process.

The first thing to remember is that you’ll be entirely reliant on your tech throughout the interview. Make sure the Internet connection you are using is stable and the laptop has sufficient reserve battery power if you’re not near a charging port. Also, test in advance to ensure an interviewer will be able to hear you clearly through your microphone.

Secondly, prepare your surroundings and make them appropriate. You should ideally sit in a quiet spot, in front of a simple background, where you won’t be disturbed. The last thing you need is a pet or small child inviting themselves to the interview.

Be conscious of your demeanor while you’re on camera. Remember to sit with good posture, speak clearly, and keep your hands away from your face while the interview is ongoing. You won’t be able to shake hands with the person opposite you, but you can approximate eye contact by looking into the camera.

A Zoom interview is still an interview. You shouldn’t regard it as any less formal in terms of your attire, how you address the interviewer, or the level of preparation required (unless you receive specific directions to the contrary).

Good luck!

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