Pro-Life Activist Receives 27-Month Sentence

( – Will Goodman is facing 27 months in prison for his role in a peaceful protest with eight other pro-life activists who entered a D.C. late term abortion clinic in October 2020. Attorneys for the Department of Justice argued that the nine engaged in a conspiracy to block access to the clinic, a federal crime violating the 1994 FACE act which guarantees women the right to access abortion facilities without threat, harassment, or intimidation.

Curiously the FACE act doesn’t describe the process of dismembering an infant while it’s still inside the womb but it does legally guarantee women the right to terminate their pregnancies at any stage, regardless of viability of the baby.

Goodman is one of the self-described “rescuers” and on June 6th, he invoked the idea of the Holocaust to compare what’s being done to infants still in the womb.

Goodman wrote of feeling powerless as he awaits a transfer to federal prison from the temporary holding jail where he’s been kept for the last seven months. Anticipating being moved around without free will, strip searched, and handled by cold enforcers of the state, Goodman drew parallels to infants being aborted.

He described a feeling of helplessness and a lack of knowledge about where he’s going or what will happen to him when he gets there. Goodman compared his status to that of “our preborn sisters and brothers” who are similarly helpless with no say or knowledge about their fate: whether that’s to be born to a loving family or dismembered before ever taking a breath.

Goodman described feeling satisfied in the knowledge that he’s being jailed for opposing the medicalized murder of infants. Goodman claimed there have been over 65 million babies terminated before they were born and called the situation a holocaust. He also invoked the memories of activists in the past who were jailed for opposing evil.

Ultimately he reflected upon the importance of the willing sacrifice of men who put their lives on the line to protect women and children. He argued that any ultimate triumph over evil requires action on the part of those called and suggested that the current war is spiritual and in the hearts and minds of every man and woman.

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